How Do I Set up an Authorized User?

An authorized user is a court reporter and member of E-Transcript Signatures who can draw signatures from your account, meaning the person can sign transcripts using signatures that are in your billing account.

Note: After you set up authorized users, you can delete the authorized users, revoke their administrator status, or give administrator status to someone who does not have it.  For instructions, refer to How Do I Maintain Authorized Users?   

Example Scenario

You have recently activated E-Transcript Manager. You have received E-Transcript Reporter Edition licenses and E-Transcript Signatures as part of your subscription. You emailed an E-Transcript Reporter Edition license to a reporter, the reporter enrolled with E-Transcript Signatures, and now you want to allow the reporter to draw signatures from your signature billing account when signing transcripts electronically.      

Listed below are the prerequisites necessary to complete the scenario:

Procedure for Setting up an Authorized User

To set up an authorized user:

  1. Go to and log in with your My RealLegal/Signatures user ID and password. The E-Transcript Signatures Home page opens.

  2. Click the Edit My Billing Accounts link.

  3. Click the name of the account.

  4. Click the Authorized users link.

  5. Type the E-Transcript Signatures user ID of the court reporter who will draw signatures from your signature billing account.  

  6. Click the Add button.  

Note that a table appears on the page. One of the column headings reads "Is Administrator?" Who would you give administrative rights to? Your boss. Your accountant. A manager in another city. Do not give administrative rights to everyone.

  1. To make the user an administrator, click the Yes option in the Is Administrator column.  

  2. Click the Save button.  

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