Description of RealLegal E-Transcript Signatures

A RealLegal E-Transcript Signature is a verification on secure servers that the transcript has been created electronically on a certain date, by a certain person, and that measures have been taken to encrypt the transcript and protect it from alteration.   

E-Transcript Signatures are used primarily by three groups:

     Production departments.

     Freelance reporters who subscribe to E-Transcript Manager.

     Freelance reporters who work for production departments and use E-Transcript Reporter Edition.

Obtaining Signatures & Contact Information

If you subscribe to the RealLegal Unlimited Workflow or Unlimited Multimedia plans, you receive RealLegal E-Transcript Signatures as part of your subscription. When you register E-Transcript Manager, E-Transcript Signatures should be added to your signature billing account. If you owned E-Transcript Manager before the second quarter of 2006, signatures may need to be added manually. Contact and request signatures.    

You can use the signatures as you see fit. For example, you can allow remote reporters using E-Transcript Reporter Edition to draw from your signature billing account when signing transcripts. See Setting up Authorized Users for more information.  

Identity Verification

Anyone signing transcripts electronically, including members of a production department who subscribe to E-Transcript Manager, must verify their identity with RealLegal. Remote reporters using E-Transcript Reporter Edition cannot sign transcripts until they have enrolled with E-Transcript Signatures and verified their identity.        

See Verifying your identity with RealLegal for detailed instructions on how to verify your identity with RealLegal.

Note for production departments: If are a member of a production department and you are not signing transcripts (you are simply allowing reporters to draw signatures from your signature billing account) then you do not need to verify your identify with RealLegal.  

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